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I saw West Side Story for the first time.  And on the big screen.  Awesome!
It is a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet.  And I think it is actually a sadder ending.

Tony dies, but Maria lives.  She lives, and has the rest of her life with the hate and anger these events have caused.  And without her love.
My niece and nephew are going to be playing Pathfinder with myself and a few of my friends.
She is playing an Elf Arcanist, he is playing a Half-Orc Ranger.  To round out the party, one of my friends will play a Half-elf Rogue, and I'm going to try a Human Witch with the Healing Patron as an alternative to a Cleric.
I'm looking forward to it, and hope they have fun.
And so begins the Week of Hell.
Today is the 31st anniversary of the day my Grandmother died.  (The first MLK Day in 1986).
Tuesday that week, I was hit by a car, and broke my leg. 
The following Tuesday, we lost the Challenger with all hands.
I will never forget this week, and so long as I live, I will despise it.
Went to dinner with my family, to celebrate my mother's birthday.  
My niece has been borrowing my Rune Soldier box set, loves it, would have finished if not for mid-terms.
My nephew asked if he could join in a D&D game, as he "wants to be a real nerd."  Just downloaded one of the free 1st level adventures (Fallen Fortress) so he can get a taste before jumping into a longer adventure.  
I'm proud and excited.
In the original Star Wars:
What happened to the two sensor techs and the two stormtroopers the go inside the Millennium Falcon and are never seen again?
Are they dead?  Did Luke, Han, Chewie and Ben kill them?  Did Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie dump them in space?  Were they taken alive to Yavin IV?


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Lynn Huston
I've been drawing character sketches for my RPG characters for about 20 years. I've uploaded a few so some online friends can see my meager efforts.
My style - if I can claim to have one - is based on observing how John Bryne and Jim Lee comic art looked, and trying to emulate their techniques. I do an original in pencil, photocopy it, then use colored pencils to produce the finished work. Most of my stuff takes about 2-4 hours. Though particularly detailed stuff, like the few with backgrounds, took more like 6-8 hours.
So I was doing some comparisons of the Constitution-Class Heavy Cruiser, including the refit class (known by a variety of names including Constitution II, Intrepid, and Enterprise - personally I liked the story that made the Intrepid II the first of the class) versus the Intrepid-Class "Starship" (I'd make it as a light cruiser perhaps, maybe a frigate; also since USS Voyager was the first of the class, it should be the Voyager-Class).

Class            Length    Width    Height    # Decks
Constitution    290        127        73        varies by source between 23 and 27 (the high end is from Enterprise Season 4, and would require the ship to be more than 81m tall)
refit               302        131        74        21
Intrepid          344        130        63        15

The Intrepid is longer, about the same width, and only slightly shorter.  And there is much less negative space.  If you were to take scale blocks and carve out the unneeded portions, the Intrepid fills probably about 40% of the volume.  There is negative space below the forward hull, and somewhat more above the engineering section.  The older ship has much more negative space due to the interconnecting dorsal, and the thinner primary and narrower secondary hulls (perhaps 25% of the overall volume?).

Then we look at crew complement.  In the 23rd century, they packed in 430 crew (give or take) into that space.  The later vessel has an intended complement of 151 (about 1/3).

So much more space, much smaller crew.  Granted, Engineering may take up more, with the (presumably) more powerful engines.  But there is also a lot of space dedicated to Holodecks, rather than rec rooms.  And even Admiral Kirk's quarters (from STII) were nowhere the luxury of those used by Picard, Riker, Troi, Janeway, Chakotay, or Paris.

Granted, just comparing the set pictures does show this.  But, as I was comparing the ships' sizes, I was impressed by just how much of a change overall 24th-century ships are in terms of crew accommodations.

Just thought I'd share.


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